Obligatory Introduction Post

So, my name is Cal Harper, and I write things. It also turns out I read things, play things, and do a bunch of other stuff because I happen to be one of those multifaceted humans that lives on this planet. Go figure.

I’m partial to scifi/fantasy and horror, though I have a love of well-written general, historical, and women’s fiction as well. Oh, and don’t forget fascinating or hilarious nonfiction books. Why be picky when a broad love of books offers so much more to read? Yes, I can admit that I am a book slut. The running joke between me and my spouse is that it is impossible for me to pass a book display in a store without browsing the titles. It’s even harder for me to walk away without grabbing another for my collection.

When I’m not reading or writing, most of my time right now goes towards pursuing a Master’s in Social Work and working with families and individuals living in poverty. This means stress and exhaustion are a state of being right now. Graduation can’t come too soon.

This blog will be an assortment of posts about writing, discussion and reviews of things I love (books, games, movies, and TV shows), and various pieces of that wacky thing we call life. Also, dogs. A blog without dogs is a soulless shell of a blog.
*Note: This post will be edited over time to reflect changes in the blog and my life.

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