Heart and Mind

A Normal Response

Why, hello, blog-I’ve-ignored-for-months-while-life-blew-up!

You know, I can’t even blame the pandemic on the first couple months of lapsed blogging. My best excuse is that I was applying for, receiving, and starting my final internship for the MSW program. I mean, hey, that’s a pretty positive reason for not blogging. Life’s short, as many of us are seeing these days, and sometimes, you just have to buckle down and focus on the tough things to get yourself where you want to be in life during the time you have.

My more recent reason has been that, you know, I have not been okay. The whole #PandemicFunk thing is real, folks. And it’s perfectly normal to not feel okay right now.

A constant sense of anxiety when you’re worried about your health or that of your loved ones as places reopen is normal. Depression when you’re an extrovert who can’t do social extrovert things is normal. Feeling like you’re falling apart when you’re worried about finances and don’t see relief coming soon enough or at all is normal. Weariness and feeling heartsick from the constant stream of bad news and toxic bile running rampant these days is normal.

No wonder many of us are struggling with our mental health.

I hope to not ignore this blog that long again. I also know that with all the chaos in life (especially completing this program in August and the upcoming job search in the middle of a pandemic and economic horror show) I cannot make that a promise. I can, however, make the promise we all can make in these times.

I will do my best. That’s all any of us can do right now. Our best.

How are you getting on emotionally during the pandemic? Chime in through the comments or on my Twitter. I’d love to hear from people so we can support each other.

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