Art & Illustration

Custom Web Graphics for Adair Handcrafted Lures

I recently had the opportunity to do some custom web graphics for Adair Handcrafted Lures. Specifically, they wanted a product logo for their original series of U.V. Talon lures, as well as a header incorporating that logo, and a few charts and diagrams for their product and engineering pages.

After some good discussion of what they wanted and making requested revisions, here’s the final set.

From the founder: “I really thought the graphics came out well done and with clear visibility. Her drafting and feedback process kept communication clear and made sure the graphics were done the way I wanted. I’d recommend her because she really took the time to do a thorough assessment of client needs first, and she doesn’t move forward on something without client input. Cal is awesome!”

If you’re looking to hire someone for web graphics or other graphical work, hit me up by heading to my Contact page. And hey, it you happen to love fishing or know someone who does, check out their lures on the Adair Handcrafted Lures website and their eBay store!

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