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SMART Goals for Writing (Part II)

Hello again, folks! This is Part II of a little series on SMART Goals. If you missed the last post, you can find it here. This time, I'm going to break down the five components of a SMART Goal applied to writing. So, let's get to it. Specific Solid writing goals that move you forward… Continue reading SMART Goals for Writing (Part II)

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Writing Craft: Plotting vs Pantsing

Ah, the eternal debate in writing: plotting vs pantsing. To plot out the story and perhaps create a formal outline before writing? Or to simply write by the seat of one's pants and let the story take shape organically as one goes? Some writers adhere to one or the other with fierce dedication, holding that… Continue reading Writing Craft: Plotting vs Pantsing

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Writing Craft: Lessons from Duma Key by Stephen King

As early as age 11, I was reading It and The Stand under the covers without my parents knowing what exactly was in those books. For the record, they would have probably held a book burning if they’d had any clue. I’ve long since learned that only two things are certain when I open a… Continue reading Writing Craft: Lessons from Duma Key by Stephen King